Freedom of expression

Be who you are and who you want to be.

Be what you need to be and don’t let them stop you

you are who you are

and people can like it or lump it

i am myself and i think people can either like it or not

I chose to express myself in my writing, others in their own ways

be who you are and don’t change for anyone else


The wait

i wait a lot in life.

Sometimes for a reason, sometimes for a unknown force

bigger then I and you, bigger than anyone

A force that chooses who we are, what we do and why we do it

Do i believe in destiny? i honestly don’t know

but i do know the wait can be worth it

sometimes its a disappointment, but without those we wouldn’t know happiness

waiting for a person can take time, but before you wait for them

know who you are, what you will do and why

know why your waiting and what your waiting for

i certainly don’t 


Highscool crushes, loves and fancies

There’s this guy…

I really like him…

But do i love him…

Hell, no

My definition of love is someone you can’t live without, someone you always want to be around, someone you will never give up on

This guy is a fantasy, nothing more

He seems really sweet, but we never talk

and when we do he thinks i am mwentally derranged, or think i am better than him

But i have never thought that

I like him, but love is a big thing

When you love someone you may have potenatial heartache

People get these two often confused

I mean when you love someone, you like them

but when you like someone, you don’t necessarily love them

All of this is confusing

but it’s important to me

The whole idea of this blog was to find out who i am

and love is a major aspect in what makes a person

In me, i don’t know

do i love too easily? or not easily enough

Will i ever find love?

when it comes to love will i be sappy? or slutty?

will i be bad? or good?

i don’t know any of this but that’s the point

In my opinion, you never know love untill you’ve either lost it, or are stuck in it

In my opinion, you are never to young to love, but always too young to be serious

In my opinion, love shouldn’t matter yet



These are people you hope you know

People you hope know you too

People who you protect and stand up for

People who will always be by your side

But how do you know they’re really you’re friend.

Not some back-stabber who’s only there because they have nowhere else to be.

And how do you react when you find out the truth about them

When you find out what they really think about you too

In light of the recent drama that has become my life

I’ve found that people who i’d never tust with a secret are the most trustworthy people i know.

And people who i thought were my best friends turned out to think the worst of me.

I found that people who had no friends untill i became one, were really people lookling to use me and then back stab me on their way to popularity

I found out that people who i thought didn’t care, where the best people to talk to

I found out there is a reason some people don’t have friends, it’s because their friends turned their backs on them long ago

And i found out that my friends, well some of them, are fair weather friends

The worst you can get

The funny thing is i trusted these people and they think i’m some evil rumour spreading bitch, when i tried to be the nicest person i could, well to some of them

Well i guess it’s time to become that evil bitch and show them what they’re missing

Only if i did that i’d be no better than them

See, that’s the funny thing about high-school, you just never know

And when you find out, it’s too late

And the funny thing is, the more you’re there for them.

The less they’re there for you

These are my friends, i hope they’re not yours



In everyday life we use persuation a lot.

Wheher it is to get what we want, or to get what we need

Sometimes we use it for others, or against them

But nevertherless, we use it anyway

I use it to attract attention, or convert it onto someone else

That may be classed as selfish, but i class it as survival

Highschool can by cruel, it depends were you are

You use anything you can to survive

In my opinion, persuation is important

In my opinion, to get anywhere in life you need to persuade

In my opinion, this topic is boring as hell

Idon’t even know why i wrote it

I dont even know why i bliog

It’s just a thi9ng that felt right at the time and still does

If i am still blogging by this time next year, i’m going to be proud.

Because nothing in life is really constant



Sometimes to be kind you need to be cruel. 

That’s what they say

But, i think to be kind, you need to be selfless

Selflessness doesn’t have a definition. 

But, my defintion id doing something for someone else before you think off yourself.

Don’t get me confused, sometimes you have to be selfish.

Otherwise it’s just plain stupid.

Sometimes to be selfless you have to be selfish

No one is fully selfless, because that would be foolish, but no one is fully selfish.

You have to be believe in the good off people, bgecause otherwise you’ll always be looking back.

That is incredibly hard, especially when it’s off people you don’t know or trust.

Sometimes being selfish is what we need to protect someone, but sometimes it’s what we need to protect ourselves.

The most important thing in being selfless is to be selfish to a certain extent.

In my opinion, no matter how selfless you are, you will always be selfish.

In my opinion, to be kind you have to be selfless and that may mean be cruel

In my opinion, you need to trust to move on and be happy.


Weight Loss

Girls want to be skinny, it’s just whats programmed into their minds.

They want to look good, as if thats what counts.

All diets start the same, not eating much.

In my opinion diets are for attracting attention.

In my opinion diets hardly work

In my opinion weight loss is what creates barriers in highschool, it’s what seperates the pretty, skinny, shallow, self obsessed girls from everyone else.

But thats just my opinion.




They want you to learn from their mistakes

but you need to learn from your own

They want you to be your own person, while being exactly like them

they want you to be independent, while being dependent on them

They love you, but  love is blinding

They want you to chase your dreams, but that can be their dreams

They want the best for you, but sometimes thats not what you want

They can be over bearing, but deep down you know why

You rebell, revolt against them

but they will always forgive you

Everyone’s parents are different, but this is about mine

In my opinion, my parents protect me because they love me but i need to protect myself

In my opiniom, they are my safe haven,but sometimes i don’t need to be saved

In my opinion they will always unconditionly love me, but i need to love myself

But this is my opinion and these are my parents



I am a secret keeper, not a gossip

but people have their own opinion of that

People you trust your secrets will keep them, only after they’ve divulged to another person

People just generally want to know, but what does that mean?

That they care?or they are nosy?

No one can predict a reaction, good or bad?

All you can do is keep the secret and hope everyone else does the same.

All you can do is trust

In my opinion, secrets make and break everything

In my opinion, nothing stays a secret for long

In my opinion, everyones a gossip

That’s just my opinion,

And sometimes my opinion is insignificant, or thats my experience of that

But never the less it’s mine




No one tells you what you should do, they just tell you what they would do. 

They tell you their experiences, not your experiences

This is a blog of the things i want to write about, not what others want me to right about

How i want to express myself, not how i should express myself

This is about my thoughts not anyone elses thoughts

And my thoughts are my own, no one elses 

These are my expeiences,feelings, thoughts and questiones

Real, not fake

This is my identity and it is mine