Sometimes to be kind you need to be cruel. 

That’s what they say

But, i think to be kind, you need to be selfless

Selflessness doesn’t have a definition. 

But, my defintion id doing something for someone else before you think off yourself.

Don’t get me confused, sometimes you have to be selfish.

Otherwise it’s just plain stupid.

Sometimes to be selfless you have to be selfish

No one is fully selfless, because that would be foolish, but no one is fully selfish.

You have to be believe in the good off people, bgecause otherwise you’ll always be looking back.

That is incredibly hard, especially when it’s off people you don’t know or trust.

Sometimes being selfish is what we need to protect someone, but sometimes it’s what we need to protect ourselves.

The most important thing in being selfless is to be selfish to a certain extent.

In my opinion, no matter how selfless you are, you will always be selfish.

In my opinion, to be kind you have to be selfless and that may mean be cruel

In my opinion, you need to trust to move on and be happy.


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