In everyday life we use persuation a lot.

Wheher it is to get what we want, or to get what we need

Sometimes we use it for others, or against them

But nevertherless, we use it anyway

I use it to attract attention, or convert it onto someone else

That may be classed as selfish, but i class it as survival

Highschool can by cruel, it depends were you are

You use anything you can to survive

In my opinion, persuation is important

In my opinion, to get anywhere in life you need to persuade

In my opinion, this topic is boring as hell

Idon’t even know why i wrote it

I dont even know why i bliog

It’s just a thi9ng that felt right at the time and still does

If i am still blogging by this time next year, i’m going to be proud.

Because nothing in life is really constant


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